Is it Good to Invest in an Agricultural Land in India?

Investing is one of the globally trusted methods to create wealth. Investors look for newer opportunities to diversify, grow and protect their investments. To accomplish their goal, people consider multiple options such as real estate, equity market, mutual funds, bonds, FD and various other options available in the market.

agriculture land sale

Often investing in farmland/ agricultural plot is ignored by investors as they are not educated about the benefits of investing in agricultural land. Farmland is truly one of the most important assets in the world. Considering population growth, over the next decade, the population will grow at an unprecedented rate and the food demand will skyrocket.

We believe farmland is one such realistic investment option which should be considered. It is often recommended due to its scarcity. Here are some of the reasons:

Recession-Proof Investment – India’s population is growing and more land cannot be created. No matter how miserable recession hits people can’t stop relying on food. Due to the mismatch of demand and supply the prices of agricultural commodities keep on increasing. This is one attractive reason why you can invest in agricultural land.

Agri-Income through Farming – Starting organic farming in your farmland to create a high income is not as challenging now as it was decades ago. Cultivating crops which has high-value such turmeric, ginger etc. can give you good profits. Also, the income generated is tax-free as it is agricultural income.

High Resale Value – At least three people in every 10 person buys property/ land for high resale value. The major benefit to farmland investors is that they can appreciate their capital over the years with less investment. Agricultural land promises high long term returns and if your farmland is located next to metro cities like Mumbai, Pune then you can expect much higher returns.

Weekend Home – As farmland is typically more affordable. Some buyers want to use their farmland to fulfil their desire for organic farming while some want to use it as their weekend/ second home. Farmland in the mountains can be a great option for a vacation home. These second home can serve as an excellent getaway for your family to enjoy and relax on the weekend. For farmland buyers from Mumbai, Khopoli near Lonavala is one majestic destination for a second home.

Buying agricultural land and community farming lifestyle is becoming more and more popular among the urban audience. Purchasers must understand that investing in agricultural land is a long-term investment. Return on investment can fluctuate from 12 months to 5 years before generating capital gains.


Land Investment in Raigad: A Huge Opportunity

Whether it is about an apartment, land, or commercial reality, you’ll wish to own a property where you can get attractive returns. And investing in real estate, especially in metropolitan areas and cities like Mumbai and Pune, it is becoming a costly affair.

Investing in land or apartment is a time taking process and requires high participation decisions. At the same time, you will also need to do extensive research before finalizing a property.

Likewise, investing in offbeat locations can prove to be beneficial because of the nominal investment involved but, also as a buyer, you have more reliable options where your potential will exercise in these suburbs. If chosen wisely, returns on low investment can turn into gains through these unique options.

Why Invest in Land?

Amidst the COVID epidemic, real estate has once again emerged as the most reliable investment choice. While the equity markets are very volatile and gain momentum with investor sentiment. The land is less costly to buy than a developed real estate and is a smart long term hold, allowing you to win the benefits of rising value. When you buy a piece of land at the right price, it is easy to buy land with your own cash and avoid banks and mortgage companies.

Now is the Time

As the economy is expanding, demand for real estate is pushing more, and in turn, it shifts to higher capital values ​​that make real estate a safer investment in that sense. Real Estate Industry is emerging as a silver lining in the post-COVID world. When investing in real estate, timing is very important. Now is the time to get into action. Considering financial security as a crucial means, one must understand the power of compounding. With real estate, you have the best bet – stability, safety, and security.

Raigad holds tremendous growth potential in making promising investment destinations for buyers as well as real estate marketers. Close to places like Khandala, Lonavala, Adlabs Imagica, Ballaleshwar Elephanta Caves, Ashtavinayak Temples, etc. makes it a consideration spot to escape.

Khopoli – Your Next Destination

Khopoli of Raigad district is an industrial city located in Navi Mumbai. Seventy-one kilometers distant from Mumbai, it connects the city via Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway, and Mumbai-Pandharpur Road. Besides Mumbai, the town connects Pune via NH-4, which passes through the middle of this place. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is almost 78 kilometers far from this place. 

With new projects, the city is speeding with good social infrastructure in every sector. In recent times, price trends show that the region offers a price appreciation. Apart from being an industrial area, Khopoli is a tourist destination because the Western Ghats, majestic mountain ranges circled the town, Patalganga river flows through it and for its other famous spots like Duke’s Nose, Rajmachi Point, and Zenith Waterfalls.

A dream of a second home or farmhouse in the arms of nature may now be a possible thing for you. And if you are interested in building wealth, investing in farmland in Khopoli is a great way. 

However, Khopoli-Pali road would make a good investment proposition, keeping future possibilities in mind. Its rapid growth for the expansion of Navi Mumbai with the potential for good price appreciation has already started drawing a lot of investors for farmland.


Organic Farming: Become a farmer in weekend

Who said, to become a farmer, one needs to own acres of farmland? Maybe it would have meant a long time ago, though, in recent times, the class of urban farmers is becoming a worldwide interest due to the increasing importance in weekend farming and organic farming. 

Well, like its skyscrapers, we are aware of the skyrocketing real estate prices in Mumbai. Moreover, working professionals aspire to relax after week-long work so that they can enjoy and live in nature. It increases the demand for farmlands adjacent to the city, where one can regularly visit during weekends.

A house with a farm is a new luxury now. Organic farming has still not become mainstream but is rapidly growing in the last two decades. Since the turn of the millennium, the acreage of land under organic cultivation has increased more than five times. And if you plan to farm organically in a populated & polluted city like Mumbai, it is quite tough to do so. 

But First, let us understand what Organic Farming means?

Organic farming is a process of reducing external and off-farm inputs and the elimination of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials to release nutrients to yields for sustainable production in a friendly pollution-free environment.

 Although the concept of organic farming is not new, it has become the need of the hour. Posing a healthy lifestyle, people are now more concerned about what they are eating. It is rightly said, “You Eat What You Sow,” and now you exactly know what you’re going to intake. 

Take the Organic Route

Today not only farmers but urban Indians have fostered organic farming methods to harvest more benefits; The more natural and organic products, the healthier and safer it is for you and the environment. 

It is not only an agricultural method but a philosophy of working together with a completely natural and sustainable nature. It is your responsibility to maintain or increase the most important of natural resources while protecting the environment for future generations.

Your Health Matters

Organic farming aims to protect and enhance the health of all organisms (humans as well as soil microorganisms) and provide socially and ecologically appropriate management of environmental resources. Organic food can increase your antioxidant intake by 20–40%. Besides, it is free of preservatives, flavors, artificial colors, sweeteners, trans fats, enhancers, fillers, or other additives.

Weekend Farming is the New Trend

Weekend farming means touring farms during holidays or weekends. In India, the term weekend agriculture became famous after Mahesh Babu used it in his recent blockbuster Telugu movie Maharshi. 

It is becoming a unique socio-entrepreneurial initiative by individuals or urban farmers in connecting back to the conventional farming roots. Currently, many people lack connectivity with agriculture and nature. To surmount, weekend farming helps to maneuver eco-friendly leisure time in distinctive approaches.

Because its FUN

A form of agritainment (agriculture + entertainment) that includes agricultural-based operations and agricultural recreation values ​​associated with nature. Natural in Totality. Perhaps the best way to use the second property solely for organic farming. Weekend agriculture will help you and your kids to stay close to nature and keep attached to the roots.

You can tour your friends, colleagues, family, and dear ones to your site and show them how a responsible citizen you’re for society. 

It is not only limited to your consumption, market the produce of your fields, and fetch yourself some good income. This idea can also help you to turn yourself into an Entrepreneur. 

Come and experience nature with us.


Living with Nature: Own a Farmhouse near Mumbai

Feeling like you do not have time to enjoy, life is going too fast? Or are you caught up in life and responsibilities? We are living in a fast-paced society where we often rush for our tasks to complete them as quickly as possible or try to finish it as swiftly as possible. Alike, we wish to run away from the city hustle-bustle at a certain point and enjoy refreshing weekends. After a weeklong work, we crave for ways to relax and rejuvenate with nature, sometimes feel like doing nothing, just watching the surroundings and its serene beauty from the farmhouse.

The growth of infrastructure in India is leading to the creation of odd situations in terms of peace. Examples of such cases are the vertical expansion of buildings, overpopulation, pollution, and city life where one desires to take a break from routine life.

Humans are becoming increasingly aware of the fact about maintaining harmonious work-life balance. Therefore, starting to invest in land in remote areas away from city turmoil. There is a high cost of low living. The penetration of holiday homes and demand for farmhouses near Mumbai has increased over the years as families are now engaging in nature & leisure activities.

Why own a Farmhouse?
A farmhouse is a kind of home that can serve as a second home in an agricultural setting. We can also call them as country houses. It has become a new way to increase sales and get ROI. People are investing in remote areas and farms because they are not only a great place to spend time in the lap of nature but also the farmland is cheaper in comparison to urban areas.

If you also dream of owning a piece of agricultural land, Pali Hill Estates offers you farmland buying options where you can enjoy your weekend getaways as well as a passion for farming.

Rejuvenate with Nature
The chirping of birds, the melodic blossoms of rain, and a view of the valley, who would not like to wake up in such a place? Just sit back and relax, let the air blow your hair, and feast the eyes with the beauty that lies ahead of you. It is a place where you can take a break from your daily toil and spend time with your dear ones or with yourself.

Surrounded by Duke’s Nose and the valley, Pali Hill Estates farmland gives you an exclusive environment of nature that spreads over acres of land.

Design Like You Want To
When owning a flat or an apartment, you have limitations to self build the project. A farmhouse will help you to turn your vision into reality. Some may want to create for the children a joyful & safe environment, while others plan for organic farming. These are the best way to showcase your personality, so make sure it remains a safe place, a hideout, and a place worth musing about no matter how much you revisit.

The vital feature of the farmhouse is the VIEW. Enjoying your surroundings serves as a reminder that you escaped normality. Turn your balcony, gardens, and verandas for relaxation and sunbathing.

You got a FARM
Living a higher quality of life is what we all need in the end. Even if you are retiring or surviving a rat race, the farmhouse will be your distinctive retreat. Conservation has become a topic of conversation. And owning a second home has the advantage of letting you do so. With its open-wide spaces and green fields, you have the easements to preserve the ecosystem or wildlife.

Also, since it is a farm, it can be a potential source of income. Not only using to vacate yourself but also as a means of organic farming. Today people are influenced by the value of local agriculture, so as a farmhouse owner, you and your loved ones can enjoy the freshly grown fruits or vegetables of your farm.