Feeling like you do not have time to enjoy, life is going too fast? Or are you caught up in life and responsibilities? We are living in a fast-paced society where we often rush for our tasks to complete them as quickly as possible or try to finish it as swiftly as possible. Alike, we wish to run away from the city hustle-bustle at a certain point and enjoy refreshing weekends. After a weeklong work, we crave for ways to relax and rejuvenate with nature, sometimes feel like doing nothing, just watching the surroundings and its serene beauty from the farmhouse.

The growth of infrastructure in India is leading to the creation of odd situations in terms of peace. Examples of such cases are the vertical expansion of buildings, overpopulation, pollution, and city life where one desires to take a break from routine life.

Humans are becoming increasingly aware of the fact about maintaining harmonious work-life balance. Therefore, starting to invest in land in remote areas away from city turmoil. There is a high cost of low living. The penetration of holiday homes and demand for farmhouses near Mumbai has increased over the years as families are now engaging in nature & leisure activities.

Why own a Farmhouse?
A farmhouse is a kind of home that can serve as a second home in an agricultural setting. We can also call them as country houses. It has become a new way to increase sales and get ROI. People are investing in remote areas and farms because they are not only a great place to spend time in the lap of nature but also the farmland is cheaper in comparison to urban areas.

If you also dream of owning a piece of agricultural land, Pali Hill Estates offers you farmland buying options where you can enjoy your weekend getaways as well as a passion for farming.

Rejuvenate with Nature
The chirping of birds, the melodic blossoms of rain, and a view of the valley, who would not like to wake up in such a place? Just sit back and relax, let the air blow your hair, and feast the eyes with the beauty that lies ahead of you. It is a place where you can take a break from your daily toil and spend time with your dear ones or with yourself.

Surrounded by Duke’s Nose and the valley, Pali Hill Estates farmland gives you an exclusive environment of nature that spreads over acres of land.

Design Like You Want To
When owning a flat or an apartment, you have limitations to self build the project. A farmhouse will help you to turn your vision into reality. Some may want to create for the children a joyful & safe environment, while others plan for organic farming. These are the best way to showcase your personality, so make sure it remains a safe place, a hideout, and a place worth musing about no matter how much you revisit.

The vital feature of the farmhouse is the VIEW. Enjoying your surroundings serves as a reminder that you escaped normality. Turn your balcony, gardens, and verandas for relaxation and sunbathing.

You got a FARM
Living a higher quality of life is what we all need in the end. Even if you are retiring or surviving a rat race, the farmhouse will be your distinctive retreat. Conservation has become a topic of conversation. And owning a second home has the advantage of letting you do so. With its open-wide spaces and green fields, you have the easements to preserve the ecosystem or wildlife.

Also, since it is a farm, it can be a potential source of income. Not only using to vacate yourself but also as a means of organic farming. Today people are influenced by the value of local agriculture, so as a farmhouse owner, you and your loved ones can enjoy the freshly grown fruits or vegetables of your farm.

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