Who said, to become a farmer, one needs to own acres of farmland? Maybe it would have meant a long time ago, though, in recent times, the class of urban farmers is becoming a worldwide interest due to the increasing importance in weekend farming and organic farming. 

Well, like its skyscrapers, we are aware of the skyrocketing real estate prices in Mumbai. Moreover, working professionals aspire to relax after week-long work so that they can enjoy and live in nature. It increases the demand for farmlands adjacent to the city, where one can regularly visit during weekends.

A house with a farm is a new luxury now. Organic farming has still not become mainstream but is rapidly growing in the last two decades. Since the turn of the millennium, the acreage of land under organic cultivation has increased more than five times. And if you plan to farm organically in a populated & polluted city like Mumbai, it is quite tough to do so. 

But First, let us understand what Organic Farming means?

Organic farming is a process of reducing external and off-farm inputs and the elimination of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials to release nutrients to yields for sustainable production in a friendly pollution-free environment.

 Although the concept of organic farming is not new, it has become the need of the hour. Posing a healthy lifestyle, people are now more concerned about what they are eating. It is rightly said, “You Eat What You Sow,” and now you exactly know what you’re going to intake. 

Take the Organic Route

Today not only farmers but urban Indians have fostered organic farming methods to harvest more benefits; The more natural and organic products, the healthier and safer it is for you and the environment. 

It is not only an agricultural method but a philosophy of working together with a completely natural and sustainable nature. It is your responsibility to maintain or increase the most important of natural resources while protecting the environment for future generations.

Your Health Matters

Organic farming aims to protect and enhance the health of all organisms (humans as well as soil microorganisms) and provide socially and ecologically appropriate management of environmental resources. Organic food can increase your antioxidant intake by 20–40%. Besides, it is free of preservatives, flavors, artificial colors, sweeteners, trans fats, enhancers, fillers, or other additives.

Weekend Farming is the New Trend

Weekend farming means touring farms during holidays or weekends. In India, the term weekend agriculture became famous after Mahesh Babu used it in his recent blockbuster Telugu movie Maharshi. 

It is becoming a unique socio-entrepreneurial initiative by individuals or urban farmers in connecting back to the conventional farming roots. Currently, many people lack connectivity with agriculture and nature. To surmount, weekend farming helps to maneuver eco-friendly leisure time in distinctive approaches.

Because its FUN

A form of agritainment (agriculture + entertainment) that includes agricultural-based operations and agricultural recreation values ​​associated with nature. Natural in Totality. Perhaps the best way to use the second property solely for organic farming. Weekend agriculture will help you and your kids to stay close to nature and keep attached to the roots.

You can tour your friends, colleagues, family, and dear ones to your site and show them how a responsible citizen you’re for society. 

It is not only limited to your consumption, market the produce of your fields, and fetch yourself some good income. This idea can also help you to turn yourself into an Entrepreneur. 

Come and experience nature with us.

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